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Les fondatrices de The Local Shakers à la rencontre des entrepreneurs sociaux

At the origin of the “The Local Shakers”…

We are Barbara, Malorie and Florie, 3 girls who met in Lyon in communication school 5 years ago and who have never left each other since.

It started like everyone else. The first timid talks, the first nights out, the first discussions about the world, the first striking memories, and then, above all, the discovery of our passions (music festivals urban art) and of our common values (sense of sharing, openness of mind). And finally, a strong desire to travel, to discover and to share, which led us to build together the journey of our life.

So we started questioning ourselves about society and we decided to go and see these social entrepreneurs who send us strong messages – you know the kind of message that leaves a mark on you and give you hope!

And since we are a pure “Generation C product” (connected, communicating and collaborative) and thanks to our studies, we decided to put into practice the skills we acquired over 5 years to benefit our convictions. We wanted to create a project which could be shared widely and freely, to bring a breath of air to society. We had the desire to highlight our way of understanding life and to build tomorrow’s society based on values of sharing, communion and humanity.

Since then, the project has made its way – a way we like so much we don’t intend to stop it. After an incredible first journey in South America, new travellers joined the team and will continue to meet local shakers around the world!



Knowledge about the collaborative sector
A “peace attitude” and an unfailing positivism

Turning point: her volunteer participation at the OuiShare Fest 2016 made her realize that she wanted to bring visibility to the inspiring people she met!

Good to know:

  • She can, sometimes, control the weather with her voice #BewareOfRain #ThisIsTheVoice

  • She has naturally slanted eyes – especially after a few drinks!

  • She knows every brand of mosquito repellent #Mosquitophobia #GoodLuckInAmazonia



Creative spirit
A living Jukebox who knew how to liven up the long hours in the road

Turning point: Convictions that grew from year to year and then, one day, after her Sunday morning coffee, she took the plunge!

Good to know:

  • Can perfectly imitate the turkey that has eaten too much and all the emoticons #EmojisFace

  • Is the best when it comes to dressing up in a ridiculous way #Barbie

  • Loves coffee but never finishes her cup #Sacrilege



Unfailing commitment
An approximate sense of orientation that allowed us to discover unusual places

Turning point: A backpack trip through Eastern Europe that gave her the taste for travel and tired of bad news, she decided to take action.

Good to know:

  • She escaped from her house, with a little money in her pocket, to buy a swimming pool #StrongNature #EternalOptimist

  • Don’t be fooled by appearances, she knows how to make herself heard #SmallButStrong

  • Her evening ritual: spreading essential oils from head to toe #9MonthsInDorms


Traveler in the Balkans


Her element: EARTH. Addicted to running, horse riding and yoga, she needs this link to nature.

Her driving force: Vitamin D.

Good to know:

  • She never misses an opportunity to show her commitment to the environmental cause.

  • Her “zen attitude” is so strong that she could calm anyone down.

  • As a vegan, she makes us discover new recipes: thumb up for her spanish “coca”, hummus and various spreads.

  • After studying environmental biology and science journalism, she worked for an association promoting awareness and education to nature.


Traveler in the Balkans


Her element: FIRE. Full of energy, her moments of euphoria and her infectious laughter are real breaths of air.

Her driving forces: coffee and goat’s cheese.

Good to know:

  • With her colorful wardrobe, she is a rainbow in our days.

  • Even though her sleep is sacred, she wouldn’t miss new adventures.

  • Unbeatable in the blind test of French songs, she worships JJ Goldman!

  • After a bachelor in English and German studies, she is newly graduated from a master’s degree in management of regional networks.


Traveler in the Balkans


Her element: WATER. Swimming and diving fan, she feels like a fish in water.

Her driving forces: glucose and the polish “ogórki kiszone”.

Good to know :

  • Her franco-polish culture offers great melodies when she switches from one language to the other.

  • With her green fingers, she takes care of plants and even talks to them.

  • She is eager to learn and can read a considerable number of books in no time at all.

  • The human being is always at the heart of his choices, what led her to a master’s degree in human resources


Traveler in Central Europe


His motto: “I’m a drop in the ocean. But the ocean is a made a many drops isn’t it ?”

He likes: The smell of damp earth after rain / Finding funny names in film credits / Having salty hair and salty skin at the beach.

He dislikes: Falling asleep after reading only half a page of a book / When the bus leaves just before you can have it / When the egg yolk blows up before eating it.

Good to know :

  • Hiccups after any deglutition.

  • Good to organizing his mess, and messing up his organization.   

  • Can gaze at maps for hours.


Traveler in Central Europe


His motto: “Why complicate matters.”

He likes: Organizing his color pencils by gradation / The smell of marker pens / Blowing up an egg yolk before eating it.

He dislikes: Touching a dry bubble gum under a table / Having messy hair because of the wind / Having salty hair and salty skin at the beach. 

Good to know :

  • From Paris, he says “Pain au Chocolat” instead of “Chocolatine” in Toulouse.

  • Expert in organizing a small suitcase with many things.

  • Has a good stroke of a pen.