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The project

A transition initiated by humans has started getting into a bigger movement with more and more people joining. However, we often hear “I feel powerless against the establishment and big corporate organisations. What is left in our hands when Individuals cannot really make a difference to the current state of the world?”

Our project is about demonstrating the power that lies within all of us, at our individual scale,  to become an agent of change. This is what we call The Local Shakers. Individuals and/or small groups of people who make change happen thanks to their skills and expertise and being driven by a strong sense of purpose and commitment. Over a period of nine months, we went on a journey to meet with these Local Shakers in South America, a continent flourishing with many local initiatives either social or environmental. And we plan to meet more all over the world thanks to new travelers joining the project.

The project’s root

voyage engagé en Amérique du Sud

A first 9 months journey across South America

From april 2017 to january 2018, we have explored 9 different South American countries. Thanks to all the local actors that we’ve met, it has enables us to discover and learn about their day to day reality and those who live around them. We’ve worked for people we believe in and we are committed to convey positive values for a better world.

Unforgettable meetings with 25 Local Shakers

This adventure has allowed us to discover 25 local initiatives, all inspiring and innovating. Social entrepreneurship, ecological transition, sharing and sustainable economy, as many topics covered by the Local Shakers, carrying positive values.

Focusing on the personal path of these local change makers

Through a series of recorded interviews we’ve highlighted the personal path of each of the local change makers to understand their motivations in becoming part of a fairer and more human society and culture. These testimonies are aimed to be a source of inspiration for anyone seeking for a purpose in his job and making them become the next Local Shakers.

months of committed and dedicated travel
countries travelled
Local Shakers met

The Local Shakers’ travellers

The project’s mission is evolving !

The Local Shakers’ team is growing up. Now, travellers are joining the project and travelling across the world spotlighting local change makers. They receive a co-built and collaborative guidance from the founders of the project.

In 2019, the first edition has explored Europe.

Lucile, Ludmilla and Victoria have met 10 Local Shakers in the Balkan region and developed new partnerships for the project.

Arnaud and Aurélien have chosen to discover Central Europe by the roads with their van for 3 months. They also have interviewed 10 local change makers.

An experience that they describe as “unique“, “emotionally and humanly rewarding” and “full of hopes for a better way of living together“.

The Local Shakers vision

Does the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? This question illustrates the well-known and intriguing “Butterfly effect”. We truly believe that the flapping of a butterfly’s wing can cause an earthquake of good vibes.

Everyone has the skills within him to build the world of tomorrow: human and respectful.

We also believe in the potential of this transitional period: social, economic and environmental. It’s now the time to make this change happen towards greater environmental protection and greater social values and sharing. A time for a whole generation to seek for more meaning out of their work.  It’s all about positive local initiatives. By increasing them, little by little, the world will become a better place. The “chaos theory” from the butterfly effect symbolises a theory of hope in our views. And we want to amplify all of these butterfly’s wings through The Local Shakers.

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