Eszter, CEO of Nestingplay, a social enterprise to include disabled children

Eszter is the CEO of Nestingplay in Budapest, a social entreprise which aims to include disabled children into society through playground equipements. These products enable kids to play together on the same equipment leading to a more tolerant society.


Let’s play together!

After the birth of her second son, who was diagnosed with sever epilepsy, Eszter realized how big the task is to raise and educate a disabled child in this society. She wanted to bring her son, the other disabled children and the non-disabled children together. So she and her fellows launched a system of special playground equipments for all children. Eszter hopes to find a solution for the inclusion of children with disabilities into the society.

For mothers, the kids-playground is great because their children can play, climb, run around and built together. There is at least one playground equipment that is suitable for everybody… except for disabled children! The disabled children can’t play with other children in this playground. Actually there isn’t any equipment to play for disabled children. These mothers have to constantly pay attention and play with their disabled children all the time with these different equipments. It becomes complicated for them because their children can’t be grow up like to the other children.

Everybody is, or will be disabled

The first playground equipment have been recently realized and she is now changing the system smoothly. She focus in the education system in order to integrate disabled children at school, and thus in the society. By this way, she wants to involve teachers with disabled children.

Through her fight, she would like to change the bad attitudes and children are the key for that. If children agree with the disability, they can teach their parents and those same parents can also accept it. Disabled children have difficulties in their life, « but everybody have difficulties. In any case, we will all be disable one day. With age, we will have visual problem, physical problem and so one, which are disabilities ».  For Eszter, there are two groups of people, “the disabled people” and “the not yet disabled people”. For the second group, they can have some difficulties to accept but they have no choice because one day they will be disabled. She thinks she has to prepare the second group for this.

Children, parents, teachers

Apart from playground games, Eszter supports teachers and parents to help disabled children. In her humble opinion, it’s very difficult to have a good partnership between the teachers and parents. Parents don’t usually accept that their kid is disable. They want their child to be like the others. The teachers can teach parents how to help their children. It’s necessary for the disabled child to have a good partnership for his own development.

The huge problem is that teachers don’t have any knowledge on how to deal with disabled children. Teachers can read on this topic but they never practice it. Each kid has is own issue. So Eszter decided to organize trainings for kindergarten and school teachers to provide theoretical knowledge but also to give them practical tools. In this way she hopes to help disabled children through education.

Everybody is equal in the game

Eszter started a social franchise in Hungary, she’d like to have her first social franchise in Austria. Indeed the problem is the same all over Europe. A lack of disabled programme, lack of knowledges and so one.

For her, the most important is the happiness of children. If her son is happy, then she is happy. When children play together, everybody can learn each other and can be more tolerant. Children… and parents…

If you are interested by Eszter’s prodject, to look at the official website:

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