Martin & Martina, cofounder of Včelobal, produce bee’s wax wraps

Martin and Martina are responsable of Včelobal in Bratislava. They produce handcrafted bee’s wax wraps. Their initiative aims to reduce plastic waste in their country. A good alternative to plastic and aluminium foils.

From an anecdote to reality

After travelling in Asia for 8 months and after discovering Canada for 1 year Martin and Martina came back to Slovakia for Christmas. They were looking for an ecological and original gift. When they discovered their presents under the Christmas tree, they found out that Martin’s aunt gave the couple a beeswax wraps, the idea idea they had for her. A great idea was born… “We could make beeswax wraps by ourself here in Slovakia to reduce waste?”

The couple started an online shop to sell their handmade beeswax wraps this year. It’s an ecological alternative to plastic foil, aluminium foil and so one. Those beeswax wraps are made from natural ingredients like beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil, tree resin and cotton. They are washable, reusable and compostable.

“včelo” and “obal”

Once they found the best suppliers to make the perfect wraps Martin and Martina started their business. The name of their business Včelobal is a mix of two slovak words : “včelo” means “bee”, and “obal” means “wrap”. It’s the perfect description of their product : a wrap made from bee’s wax.

The most difficult part was to find the best mixture between the different ingredients in order to make the best wrap. Indeed each ingredient has it’s own function: the fabric is the main support, the wax brings rigidity, resin brings the sticky part and the oil brings the flexibility. After many trials and samples they found the perfect combination, they started their website to sell their beeswax wraps. They first spread the products to their friends. And these friends talked to their friends and so one…

An innovative idea?

The beeswax warps aren’t a new concept. The Egyptians first used traditionally beeswax to preserve their food products. Then, around 1900, people used beeswax towel to stock food or to cover containers. Martin and Martina update this concept one more time with their different towel pattern and different dimensions in their website.

The beeswax warps can be reusable. They are easy to clean and keep food fresh without to “suffocate” with its adhesive packaging. These paper are healthy because they are antibacterial and they aren’t harmful chemical. And to finish, these reusable food packaging can be recycled at the end of their life. They can be indeed burn in the wood fire. So, after these different argument, we can ask ourselves if it’s the best product to replace aluminium foil and cling film? No idea but with the beeswax warps it’s possible to reduce the plastic in the nature…

Plastic to beeswax

“When somebody buys a beeswax wraps, he (or she) contributes to a better world, a better environment. Step by step, these people can think of a minimalist life and use only what they need”. This is what Martin and Martina think through their project. According to them, plastic pollution is a tragedy for the planet. Their project contributes to reduce plastic pollution.

They wish to reach a bigger public, maybe in Austria, Czech Republic, Poland. Soon, they would like to offer video tutorials on how to make your own bee’s wax wraps, and how to repair it.

If you are interested by Martin and Martina’s project, have a look at the official website:

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